Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bathrooms & Wetrooms: Non Slip Floors

anti-slip flooring in wetroom: www.practicalbathing.co.uk
Safety in the home is paramount in kitchens and bathrooms. Bathrooms and wet-rooms can be a particular hazard when feet and floors are wet, therefore it is vitally important to use anti-slip flooring.

Practical Bathing has a wealth of experience installing bathrooms, shower rooms and wet rooms in private dwellings, care homes and hospitals. Flooring is an integral part of the overall solution, and careful consideration is given to the needs of elderly, infirm or disabled bathers.

Anti-slip vinyl is available in a wide range of attractive colours and styles, with specific anti-slip qualities to suit different environments. For example, in an assisted wet room environment where the carer’s shoes might also get wet, a high grade anti slip surface will be required.

Installing anti-slip vinyl requires skill and attention to detail. The room must be properly prepared and the floor level and smooth. The vinyl will be glued down and sealed, creating a water resistant solution which will last for many years.

For further information regarding shower, bath or wet room conversions - or for good quality walk-in bath/ shower units, easy access shower installations and a range of specialist bathing equipment, visit www.practicalbathing.co.uk.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A few more Carpet Care Tips

Sweeping, vacuuming, washing and ironing your carpets!

If you have a clean broom with fine plastic fibres, use it to sweep your carpets. Just like brushing your hair, it will de-tangle the carpet fibres (not Berber loop, obviously!).

Buy a quality vacuum cleaner, ensure that you have it set at the correct height off the floor and vacuum your carpet regularly to remove dust and grit before they begin to damage the fibres.

Time to stop screaming and tackle those chocolate and mud stains! Mix some soap powder with warm water and dab it on the stain, using a clean cloth soak up the solution and, hopefully, some of the dirt. This may have to repeated a number of times. Don't vacuum the area again until thoroughly dry.

Of course, water doesn't mix with oil or wax or fat so this is where the iron comes in useful. Place a paper kitchen towel over the stain and iron over the stain - using a low heat setting, as a scorch mark would make matters worse! You should see the stain gradually transfer to the paper towel absorbed by the paper towel. Again, this may have to repeated a number of times.

For a professional job, please call/contact Phil Vissian.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Rain, Snow & Ice takes its toll on Tarmac Drives

Help is at hand for your tarmac driveway - especially for homes in and around Northants.


Tarmac is a cost-effective solution for driveways but after a few years it can look 'tyred' and can suffer unkindly from harsh winter weather. When your drive is past its best, driveway and patio cleaning services will pressure clean it, fill any gaps, then treat it with Resiblock Resimat to leave your driveway looking as good as new again for a few more years.

Homecare was established in 1988. Call us on 0800 1191 0706 or 07831 840720 or email Homecare Cleaning Services with your enquiry.

See our services on our websites: we also clean carpets & rugs, clean curtains & upholstery and clean & repair floor tiles.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Always Clean - you choose the seasons

Good weather means open doors and lots of feet going outside and coming back inside. In wet weather, even removing shoes, dirt can travel in on damp socks and trouser hems.

Let's face it, whether you have children, pets or visitors, carpets get dirty. A major source of dirt is from spilled sticky liquids - this may not even be on the carpet itself but walked in from the kitchen.

Ensuring that outdoor shoes are removed will reduce the amount of dust and grit finding its way into carpet fibres but there are many other sources of dirt plus odours from sweaty feet and paws to food.

There are three main benefits to an "Always Clean" Programme:
  • Carpets will look good for longer - fibre-cutting grit is regularly removed so your carpets don't look so tired and worn.
  • Your carpet cleaning schedule is kept by the "Always Clean" team so that carpet cleaning is carried out on a timely basis without you having to remember when it's due.
  • "Always Clean" can save you money over ad-hoc cleaning and your carpets will look good all the time.
PLUS... there are bonuses!
  • Free Carpet Spotter every six monthly visit 
  • Special offers only for "Always Clean" Clients 
  • Emergency Stain Removal Service 

For details of "Always Clean" Carpets in the Bedford area:
Bedford Carpet Care programme

In Northants / Northamptonshire, click through to your nearest team:
Carpets Always Clean, Rushden
Carpets Always Clean, Northampton
Carpets Always Clean, Wellingborough