Monday, 13 August 2012

Allergies? Eliminate Dust Mites from your Carpets

If you look up "PROMITE" on Google, you'd be quite right to wonder why we smear it all over your carpet to eliminate dust mites.
Image is not of an actual house dust mite 
House dust mites are mostly found in carpets and mattresses; their numbers are increasing because we provide perfect conditions - humid warm environments - in our centrally-heated, double glazed homes.

They are a significant source of allergies, including asthma, rhinitis, conjunctivitis and dermatitis.

There are a couple of ways to eliminate dust mites. One is to subject them to extreme heat (60'C) or cold (0'C) for about an hour so putting your pillow in the freezer would be quite successful - but what can you do about your sofas, mattresses and carpets?

The other is PROmite™ - the world's most affective dust mite eliminator when applied on a planned maintenance program (not the wannabe Marmite). An invisible protective barrier prevents new house dust mites living on the surface and, additionally, gives protection from most household soils including oil-based spills.

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