Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Would you notice if your Carpets Smell?

Kitty photo credit: marykbaird from www.morguefile.com

We get used to odours in our own homes and summer is usually a great time to 'air' carpets as windows and doors are open most days - except this year! In fact, wet dogs and muddy shoes are still leaving marks, cats are staying in and dropping hairs, we may even have resorted to bringing barbecue food and drink inside, adding to the spills and smells.

Time to think about a freshen-up. We are usually very busy in the first week of September, when children return to school, as well as the end of July before our customers set off for their annual holidays.

We clean carpets in Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire or Milton Keynes areas - take a look at what we offer and contact us for a late spring-clean!