Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Care of antique & contemporary hand-woven Rugs

There was a good response to the recent feature on the difference between cleaning carpets and cleaning rugs so here is a further insight into professional rug cleaning services for antique, semi-antique and contemporary hand-woven rugs.

Does your delicate rug need cleaning? With over twenty years of experience in Oriental rug cleaning, HomeCare's expert rug cleaning service will ensure the best possible results for your rugs, to maintain their beautiful looks and colours. Each rug is treated as a one-off, with careful analysis of the correct and best cleaning and treatment to be applied.

Quality hand-woven rugs are created using fine fibres and special dyes. Having determined the most suitable cleaning for a rug's fibres, types of dye, age and condition, the cleaning must be undertaken with the utmost care and attention.

It is important to take very special care when cleaning - water at a suitable temperature and no abrasive detergents, cleaning chemicals or mechanical/electrical equipment. When a quality rug has been created over a number of weeks or months by hand, only cleaning by hand will be good enough to preserve its beauty. Tools should include natural fibre hand-brushes and a specially formulated, gentle rug shampoo for the most effective, yet gentle, cleaning.

To complete the cleaning process, rugs must be left to dry naturally at room temperature, often up to three days, as applying heat can damage fibres. To minimise inconvenience, this service can be performed away from your home - HomeCare will collect, clean and return your rug at a time that is suitable for you.

For an estimate, call or email with details and rug sizes:

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Friday, 4 November 2011

Cleaning and Sealing Paviors, Paving, Patios ...

Your patio or driveway may need restoring to its former glory after a few seasons of punishing weather. Some of the preparation may include weed killing and oil stains removal (from barbecues or car parking) followed by the tasks of pressure washing and rinsing, re-sanding (to stabilise block paving) and cleaning / removal of residue waste, sealing block paving with acrylic or urethane sealants, re-coating of pattern imprinted concrete and renovation of tarmac surfaces (black, red or green). More detail: Patio Restoration.