Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Benefits of an "Always Clean" Carpet programme

Carpets get dirty. Taking off outdoor shoes will reduce the amount of grit finding its way into carpet fibres but we don't live in a vacuum so there are plenty of other sources of dirt and odours from sweaty feet and paws to food odours and crumbs.

An "Always Clean" Programme provides three main benefits:

  • Carpets will not 'wear' so quickly - fibre-cutting grit is regularly removed so your carpets look better for longer.
  • Your cleaning schedule is diaried by the "Always Clean" team and carpet cleaning is carried out on a timely basis without you having to think about it making life just a little easier.
  • "Always Clean" can save you money, your carpets look great ALL the time AND there are bonuses!

Here are more reasons:
* Free Carpet Spotter every six monthly visit *
* Special offers only for "Always Clean" Clients *
* Emergency Stain Removal Service *

For details of "Always Clean" Carpets in Northants / Northamptonshire, click through to your nearest team:
Carpets Always Clean, Rushden
Carpets Always Clean, Northampton
Carpets Always Clean, Wellingborough

Also: Always Clean in Milton Keynes, Bucks, & Bedford Carpet Care programme.