Thursday, 19 May 2011

Carpet Quality and Styles

Good quality British carpets are manufactured using traditional wire looms. Carpets woven with premium quality 100% wool and wool rich blends using fine Worsted or woollen yarns can be a big investment therefore it pays to look after them and they will service a family for years.

  • The standard yarn used in the carpet industry is woollen yarn. It is coarser than worsted yarn and will be preferred for commercial contract products.
  • Worsted yarn is finer than woollen yarn with more clarity and depth of colour.
  • Cut Pile describes carpets where each tuft is cut, giving a velvety finish.
  • Where each carpet tuft left uncut, it remains a loop. Loop pile reflects more light therefore colours blend more softly than with cut pile. Often referred to as Berber, Flemish migrant weavers introduced the loop technique to the UK, therefore it is also known as Brussels loop pile.

Carpets are best treated as other household items - you dust or vacuum regularly and clean to remove dirt and smells. Regular carpet cleaning or maintenance cleaning will often extend the life of a quality carpet by a number of years.

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