Monday, 28 February 2011

Rug & Carpet After-Cleaning Tips

How long your carpet takes to dry depends upon many things, including: humidity, air movement and the depth of soiling previously in the carpet (resulting in the amount of solution used). Some simple steps will protect and prolong the enjoyment of your freshly cleaned carpet:

  • Keep traffic to a minimum on the carpet for at least four and up to eight hours.
  • Remember that walking from a wet carpet onto a hard surface can be very slippery!
  • If your carpet has been protected with foil or foam under the legs of wooden or metal furniture, leave them in place until your carpet is completely dry.
  • Children and pets should be kept off the freshly cleaned carpets.
  • Remove outdoor shoes to minimise the amount of new dirt being applied!
  • If you had a fabric Scotchgard TM system applied following the cleaning, allow 24 hours of cure time prior to allowing anything or anyone on the carpet.
These tips are from HomeCare Cleaning Services.

Friday, 11 February 2011

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